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George Waterhouse, Ph.D.

With over twenty-five years in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries, Dr. Waterhouse has extensive experience in GLP and research environments. He has led numerous teams in the performance of compliance audits for a variety of pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, and research projects including full-scale, enterprise-wide audits of data used in Biological License Applications (BLAs).

He has held management and leadership positions throughout his career and is known for his positive outlook and motivational abilities. A toxicologist by training, he has an extensive background in preclinical, clinical, forensic, regulatory, and immunotoxicology. His preclinical experience as a regulatory toxicology consultant and study director include GLP compliance auditing, report generation for regulatory submissions, and the development, monitoring, and reporting of over a hundred study protocols for a broad range of international clientele. His clinical research experience involved psychomotor performance testing and abuse liability studies. As a research scientist, his immunotoxicology work involved extensive work in animal models, analytical chemistry, and mammalian cell cultures.

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